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..Can we give them some space to dream?

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Child brain is a cobweb. Each nuron carrying thousands of diversed pulses which is beyond our expectations.
We all love a sleeping baby but just for a while hold your emotions to cuddle the kid and imagine whats going on- specially when he/she is about to wake up.

The subconcious mind is highly dynamic and it traverse through the galaxy with astronauts whom they had seen on discovery channel during their feed time or perhaps they are taking a deep plunge inside the blue ocean where they are surrounded by sea horse, corals and colored fish. The world is vibrant out there. During the day time when sun goes on top the ray hits the ocean bed and the glitter bewilders the child brain like anything.

Wake up! The alarm rings – welcome back to the harsh reality where people are more interested in black and white world.

..Can we give them some space to dream?

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