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Setting it free


I n literary terms denotes a bird. A unique creature that can set itself free above all the oddities in its life.

In human life too we experience success and failure, perhaps the second one is even frequent which sometimes triggers demotivation, stagnation of thought process  – but interestingly there is always a sublime success persist within each failures. That is the zeal to move ahead without facing a complete hault in our life. When the darkness surrounds your life, the only way out is to stay calm & focused and keep walking towards the goal.

Birds are always well known to explore unknown teritorries across the globe. The essence is to keep the originality within & that’s its own identity that makes the difference.

A unique composition by Somodeep Bucha Sengupta composed during the summer of 2005 now helping others to motivate to keep the journey moving like a “Bird” or should i say a “PAAKHI”.

  • Compostion- Somodeep’Bucha’Sengupta.
  • Lyrics- Somodeep’Bucha’Sengupta.
  • Music- Tirtho’tiru’Ray, and Somodeep’Bucha’Sengupta
  • Recording Engineer- Tirtho’tiru’Ray.
  • Additional Guitars- Pritam Dulai.
  • Bass Guitars- Tirtho’tiru’Ray.
  • Acoustic Guitars- Somodeep’Bucha’Sengupta.
  • Vocals and Back Ups- Somodeep’Bucha’Sengupta.
  • Mix & Master- Kusum Studio.

Picture Courtseyhdwallpapersrocks

Video Courtsey : Somodeep’Bucha’Sengupta & Team

Setting it free – Like a bird

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