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Right from the moment she conceives the journey commences and the bonding of love and care starts which gets intense more & more as we traverse through the timeline of our life.

“Mother” a word pronounced in several ways but the feelings are universal. The first excitement triggered by the self realization of conceiving a life within shoots the heart beat so high that the gradual progression of her each trimester becomes exciting. Perhaps this is the phase where the bond begins when the unborn gets the chance to inherit. The most precious moments of life when mother can communicate with her offspring psychologically.

This is indeed a magic done by the almighty that HE gives the female fraternity to enjoy her completeness of being a woman. Perhaps the most horrific & painful yet THE MOST PLEASURABLE moment they spend in the labour room but as an individual women themselves are so STRONG MENTALLY that gives them courage to nurture the right culture, discipliene, tolerance to her new borns.

Blessed to be surrounded by few of such magical people and trust me the feeling is AWESOME.

Salute to the womanhood, salute to all the mothers out there.


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