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Perspective towards life

Balloons are pretty interesting objects specially when its a Gas Balloon.

  • Scene 1 : THE OWNER
    They think they are the CONTROLLERS – they can move, mould the balloons as they want since they are the owners. The thread belongs to them.
  • Scene 2 : BALLOON MAN
    They think how to place the balloons to attract kids, how to SELL and maximise earnings & profit margin.
  • Scene 3 : THE BALLOONS
    They think – foolish people , i belong to none – if you cant hold me tight i will be free for ever. I will touch the stars and travel through the sky.
  • Now, the best part : THE ALMIGHTY
    HE laughs silently from far away by seeing all the vivid activities of HIS creations.

Perspective towards life in adverse situation makes the difference without getting carried away by the odds- which denotes our uniqueness and helps us to prove like a mature individuals.


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