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With the visionary approach of George Curzon and Viceroy of India the mammoth example of the architectural excellence got transformed in to a reality & opened from 1921 on wards for the public visit.

The building was founded with an approach to take the citizen & the visitors through the historical journey which will educate the younger generation and motivate to learn more about the past enabling them to connect to the roots.


Equipped with 25 state of the art galleries including the Royal gallery, the national leaders gallery, the portrait gallery, Central hall, the sculpture gallery & the arms & armory gallery are surely being a tourist attraction. Off late the Calcutta gallery was added to exhibit the historical transformation of our favorite City of Joy – Kolkata during the phase of Job Charnock of the English East India Company t0 1911. This being the significant chapter when the capital India was transferred to New Delhi.


Spread surrounding the palace, an area of 64 acres of lush green garden which is maintained by 21 gardeners are surely contributes towards the regular and seasonal footfall. Especially after a hectic week a nice walk across these gardens will surely help you to relax & feel good. Surrounded by the concrete structures & commercial buildings this wide spread garden is surely a gush of fresh oxygen.


This is a nice place for a day outing for families – they will surely be mezmerised by the well maintained garden view, squirrels, chirping of birds, several ponds and the last but not the least the pebble walk.


Recently the authority had introduced an online ticket booking facility to assist the visitors conveniently. All though you can also get your tickets at the venue entrance gate.

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