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STRESS or SMILE – Choose wisely!


SMILE – A word that transforms human face from a grumpy to a cheerful one. An inherent feature of human behavior triggered by a sense of joy & happiness. Alternatively we can consider this as a signal of peaceful & composed state of mind. People smile just for self but this amazing technique is so powerful that it carries an intrinsic symbol to the person across.

In our modern time, most of our time we spend at office. By the virtue of the usage of multiple communication tools & channels we are completely ignoring this act of natural instinct. In workplaces it’s a quite familiar view that people are stuck within the cubicles & remain busy in their routine works.

With minimal or no physical movement & sheer work pressure they are forgetting to smile. Pretty interestingly they could be seen exchanging smileys & emoticons across the IMs which are more virtual & spreading a cold exchange of emotions.

Few people are really busy working on their desktop or laptops while most of them are pretending to be engaged highly to accomplish their assignments. But this culture would naturally foster an artificial environment where people will gradually start ignoring the normal course of communication. They will engage in a mode which is very much artificial & not having the warmth of having fun & happiness. Surely if this continues then this would become detrimental for their personal life as well.

This is elementary for the management, to ensure that the employees are working in a proper environment which does not resist the prima facie of success – i.e. communication. Hence they need to engage all employees. Human resource department plays a vital role here, to ensure proper employee engagement & analysis. Seating arrangements could also be a factor that could be looked upon within a specific frequency to ensure effective cross department communication. It’s a proven fact & recommended by all physicians across the globe that smile works as a therapy. This cures all the negative energies & fosters a sense of contentment & togetherness. At workplace you need to have a culture that promotes teamwork & collaboration.

If you are in a role to make such difference then this is a high time that you need to help people to be more human & work without stress – as this would make them more productive which is the ultimate goal for every organization.

You’re never fully dressed without a – SMILE !


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