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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned !

Poverty – A word that most of us would dislike. Every one wishes to get rich, prosper in life like anything. But the fact of the matter is the entire concept had a drastic paradigm shift which mostly driven by the technical advancement. A mammoth step which had accelerated the methods of providing convenience in to our daily life. The reasons of Urban poverty are in manifold – one of the key reason is the tendency to spend towards several sites who provides food on demand.

If we analyze the consumer data perhaps, this would be the most astonishing fact that these days the millenials are indulging them in to spending on foods via multiple delivery channels. Probably this is the sole reason, why this food delivery startups are getting multiple funding & several acquisitions are taking places – enabling their business growth rapidly. Millennials who are mostly on their late 30 & 40s are the target group who are either the victims of time constraint due to hectic & sheer work pressure, casual spender & engage them in to experimenting new cuisines over the weekend. But, this cycle is so lucrative that once they fall in the trap they keep on drooling forever.

It’s a fact that with the rapid shift in tech arena & multiple mobile technologies, business intelligence empowered with artificial intelligence making things more & more complex. Naturally it’s a difficult task for these people to control their instinct. Flashy, colorful & strategic interface design just to attract your eyes, the food ordering apps are doing just the right thing that you can’t resist your fingers to tap on.

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It’s amazing to know that 60% of the millenials order food once or 5 times in a week. This is resulting a sheer 40% dip in their monthly financial savings. Working professionals are mostly prioritizing their convenience over all. Going outside for having lunch or dinner in a lavish restaurants, meeting over a cup of coffee in the local or distant coffee shop or simply spending a lazy Sunday evening just by tapping on these apps to avoid cooking at home is not a fad anymore. Even if they stay outside city with family where the cooking is not an issue still they prefer to avail such facility.

Now, consider a simple math – if you are spending your earnings 5 times a week & you give a tip of Rs.20 each time, you end up spending Rs.400 only just to order the food in addition to the actual food cost. When you actually feel you had spent too much for the food then this is not the end, as taxes are sometimes exclusive. Effectively if you check your monthly spending, don’t get a surprise to see a sky high bar graph only for your foods.

This triggers the food for thought that whether spending a larger chunk of your earnings in such materialistic pleasure or save it for yourself considering a healthy food regime in place which would also make you wealthy to some extent.

Think about it before you hit the sign up button next time for the online food delivery..


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