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Yes! it’s more expensive to be a Woman

Have you been questioned since your childhood – What is your favorite color?

How many time you had found people raising their hands for the color “PINK”?

If you are among the male fraternity possibilities are high that you are not in the list. This would sound quite orthodox to say that mostly the female fraternity would prefer to have this color of their choice.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Reasons are quite natural, as this color being the fusion of red & white – representing caring, compassion & love. But unlike the characteristics of power & passion of red blended & softened with the purity of white – do not ever be overwhelmed by the term “Pink Tax”.

HUH !!

– Pink Tax? , haven’t heard this before?

Its quite interesting as the term itself is so soothing to the ear but harsh in nature. With the advent of the globalization, consumerism – product manufacturing companies are always proactive to place their products in such strategic way that people often get overwhelmed that without any notification their savings are being axed.

Image Courtesy – Instagram & Google
Copyright : Lady Gaga

Pink tax is nothing but the taxation structure that we have in place, based upon gender discrimination in our society. Its simply means females have to spend more on the same product which men can consume in less price. As an example you can simply consider a razor – on an average men’s razor are charged usually for Rs.20 onwards, where as razor for ladies would be available for Rs.55 onwards. Just to note, this additional hike consist a part of this pink tax.

A recent study had revealed that the men’s clothes are 8% cheaper, where ladies apparel being charged 4% high. This has a strong impact on the feminine personal care  & hygiene products too. With so much of paradigm shift in the modern age retail sector this invisible tax is making the whole game pretty complex.

Aesthetics definitely matters a lot in product positioning & packaging works as a catalyst for product marketing & promotions. But the important question is, if the same products provide similar or very less deviation in comfort ability, usefulness what is the justification going for the packaging.

Raise the voice against this discrimination ..

So, next time what would be your move?



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